Who We Are

EndMeth is a Hawaii based coalition of concerned people and organizations with a focus on decreasing use of meth. The organization was started by a longtime emergency physician on Oahu who recognizes the increasing devastation that methamphetamine is bringing to patients and their families as well as society.

Members include a broad range of healthcare providers, addiction specialists, emergency physicians, nurses, and members from multiple organizations helping combat this epidemic.


Our mission is to reduce meth use through community awareness, education, and prevention.

What we believe

  • Working together. Hawaii needs a holistic, comprehensive meth strategy where all efforts—enforcement, treatment, safety, harm reduction, education, other drug efforts, etc.—learn from and inform one another.
  • Awareness and prevention. While there are many strategies to preventing addiction, our emphasis is on preventing the use of meth through education and increased awareness of the harms of meth while encouraging alternate community and family centered activities.
  • Treatment. We are not an organization treating meth addiction, but we believe that treatment needs to be encouraged, studied, and improved. Public education about the lack of effective treatment may help with prevention.
  • New message and approach. We discourage strategies that focus on scare tactics, stigma, blame, shame, and other messages that have not been effective. Instead we want to build on proven and promising practices that are based in culture, community support, empathy, motivation, readiness, and other
  • Science and story. We value data and research. At the same time, we value the voices and stories of the people and communities we aim to serve. Informed by both, we will develop the most effective and meaningful strategies.

Representation includes members of these organizations and more:

American College of Emergency Physicians, Hawai’i Chapter, Hina Mauka, The JABSOM Department of Psychiatry, The Queens Care Coalition, Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Hawai`i State Department of Health, Hawai’i Health and Harm Reduction Center, Hawaii HIDTA, Hawaii Pacific Health Hospitals, The Queens Medical Center, Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawai`i, The University of Hawai’i data scientists, Hawai`i State Council on Mental Health.